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Welcome to Doucetlaw.com 

Welcome to doucetlaw.com. It is my goal to make high quality legal services available to individuals at all income levels. I believe that everyone should be protected by powers of attorney for health and property, that everyone who owns a home should have a will and I believe that no one should be denied the right to make these important choices because of cost. Decide who will manage your money if you are unable to do so due to disability. Decide who will make medical decisions for you, in accordance with your wishes, if you are unable to do so due to disability. Decide how your property will be distributed after your passing. Decide who will care for your minor children if both you and your spouse are deceased. Property rights are the most frequently referenced rights in the United States Constitution and I urge each of you to protect and exercise your rights. Payment plans and reduced fees may be negotiated in individual cases. House calls and after hours appointments are available at no extra charge. 

Whether you retain my services or contract with another attorney, at a minimum I urge you to execute powers of attorney for health and property as soon as possible. Please contact me if I can be of service. Thank you for visiting.

Best Wishes, Damon Doucet


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